show me books!


Artwork: Tim Mara, Lightbulb and Book, 1995-6

‘show me books’ exists under the strictures of a demanding rhyme scheme, and furthermore an approach to composition where the art of a poem is simply an assembly of a deposit of rhyming words. In this way the creative component arises from piecing together self-contained formal aggregates, rather than manipulating connections between words as a method of expression.

by Fred Baxter


show me books! 

holy books!


shallow dreamy books

tableaux gloomy books

canto surly books


throw me books!

yellow journey books!


furrow merry stooks


callow dutifully crooks

snow glee hooks

sorrow historically rooks

tyro recipe cooks


show me books!

stringendo jalopy books!

silo baloney books!


sow free looks 

hollow sorry crooks 

argot recipe crooks 

follow Gurney brooks 

below happy looks 

willow tree stooks

swallow dreamy crooks

furlough flee crooks 

ghetto happy nooks

pillow journey looks


show me books! 

holy books!


sparrow happy books 

faux harry looks 

lento happy looks 

woah! angry sketchbooks! 


holy books! 

show me books!


dough sea books 

blow sea books 

go flee books 

row free books 

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